This page provides answers to the questions posed on the BIRDQUIZ page. The questions are designed to test your knowledge of All the World’s Birds and provide an entertaining way to learn more.

The questions and answers are listed in reverse order of publication, so that the most recent question is at the top. All questions have previously appeared on Twitter as tweets from @charlesrstubbs.


BIRDQUIZ 19/6 In v9.1 of the IOC birdlist, what do the following three bird species have in common? Kagu Rhynochetos jubatus, Cuckoo Roller Leptosomus discolor, Yellow-breasted Chat Icteria virens?

They are all members of families that have only one species.

Kagu (New Caledonia) is the single species member of Family Rhynochetidae.

Cuckoo Roller (Madagascar and nearby islands) is the single species member of Family Leptosomidae.

Yellow-breasted Chat (North America, Middle America) is the single species member of Family Rhynochetidae.

[These birds are featured in Parts ONE, FOUR and TWELVE of the ATWB Part-by-Part Companion Guide series – click here for details.]


BIRDQUIZ 19/5 In v9.1 of the IOC birdlist, what bird species has the longest (hyphenated) SINGLE WORD English name, with 18 characters? [Hint: it’s well known but infrequently seen.]

339/2466    Chuck-will’s-widow   Antrostomus carolinensis

is a member of the Nightjar family. Resident in s Florida and coastal sc USA, it breeds across eastern North America, wintering in the Caribbean, e Mexico, Central America and the western lowlands of extreme north-west South America. It’s English name is familiar, especially in North America. However, being a nocturnal bird it is seldom seen.

[This bird, along with the All the World’s more than 90 other extant species of Nightjar, is featured in the ATWB Part-by-Part Companion Guide PART FOUR – click here for details.]


BIRDQUIZ 19/4 To have a good chance of seeing both these species on the same day, where would you need to be birding?

636/5797  Ashy Minivet  Pericrocotus divaricatus

680/6142  Island Monarch  Monarcha cinerascens

Answer 19/4:

Island Monarch is resident on coasts and smaller islands of Wallacea in north-west Australasia. Ashy Minivet breeds in eastern Asia, moving south post-breeding to winter in South-east Asia and the Philippines. Additionally, some birds overwinter in the northern part of the island of Sulawesi in north central Indonesia, and it is here that the ranges of these two species overlap. So, to have a good chance of seeing both these species on the same day, you would need to be birding in the coastal region of northern Sulawesi outside of the northern hemisphere breeding season.

[These birds are featured in the ATWB Focus on WALLACEA Companion Guide and the ATWB Sulawesi Interactive Checklist – click here and here for details.]


BIRDQUIZ 19/3 There’s one species of bird that’s found only in the countries of Jamaica and Colombia.

What is it, and where in Colombia is it regularly present?

Answer 19/3:

973/930Y    Jamaican Oriole   Icterus leucopteryx

is normally thought of as a “Jamaica endemic”, but a subspecies I. l. lawrencii is resident on San Andrés Island in the sw Caribbean Sea off the coast of Nicaragua. [Another subspecies I. l. bairdi formerly lived on Grand Cayman Island, but is now extinct.] San Andrés Island is part of the country of Colombia.

[You can find Jamaican Oriole and many other bird species with restricted ranges in South America, Middle America and the Caribbean in the ATWB PART TWELVE Companion Guide – click here for details.]


BIRDQUIZ 19/2 Which of these is NOT a type of Hummingbird? Coronet, Jacobin, Monklet, Racket-tail, Sabrewing, Thornbill, Thorntail?

Answer 19/2:

415/326F    Lanceolated Monklet    (nw South America, Costa Rica)

is a member of Family: Bucconidae – Puffbirds.

[In v8.2 of the IOC birdlist there are 334 species of Hummingbird regularly present in South America/Middle America. Find them all in the ATWB South America/Middle America REGIONS Companion Guide Volume 1: Non-Passerines – click here for details.]


BIRDQUIZ 19/1 In v9.1 of the IOC birdlist there are 4 species with only THREE letters in their English name.

One is:  548/543Y  Mao   Gymnomyza aubryana of the Samoan islands.

Can you name the other three?

Answer 19/1: the other three are

005/0076  Emu  Dromaius novaehollandiae of Australia

454/3691  Kea  Nestor notabilis of s New Zealand

548/5327  Tui  Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae of New Zealand mainland, Kermadec, Chatham, Auckland islands

[These birds are featured in the ATWB Australasia WORLD REGIONS Companion Guides – click here for details.]

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