Welcome to a world of suspicion, innuendo and scandal

The Travis #WebOfDeceit series of mystery thrillers deals with issues about how the media can manipulate public opinion and influence events. Set in North Wales in the UK, the stories reflect ‘real world’ events and show how the lives of ordinary people can be shaped by media and technology. Click on the covers below for more information about each book in the series.

Web of Deceit


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Full of intrigue This author weaves a web of deceit for the reader to unravel. And the ending is quite a shock… Excellently written, fast-paced and full of suspensethat is ‘Web of Deceit’. I strongly recommend you read this wonderful book.” Florizel – Amazon UK Customer Review

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Interview with the author

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Masterpiece of suspense A thoroughly gripping plot loaded with a cast of gritty characters… I just couldn’t put it down… This was an awesome read. Garrard Hayes – Amazon US Customer Review

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