Your gateway to 10,933 bird species

(and two birding mystery thrillers that will keep you guessing …)


This is the website of Charles R Stubbs, producer of birding Companion Guides and author of two mystery thriller novels with a birding theme: Web of Deceit and Retribution. All titles are published as Kindle eBooks, which can be accessed and read on any device that has Amazon Kindle Reader capability.


The series of All the World’s Birds Companion Guides help birders and bird lovers keep up with the rapidly changing taxonomy; new, split and lumped species; distributions; and relative rarity of birds as defined in The IOC World Bird List, an open access resource maintained by the International Ornithological Congress (IOC). To read more about the All the World’s Birds (ATWB) Companion Guides click here.

Charles R Stubbs writes a blog that informs subscribers about ATWB eBooks and summarizes changes that occur in the published versions of the IOC bird list. You can access and sign up to the blog here.


The series of Noah Strycker’s Big Year Companion Guides provide a species-by-species account of Noah Strycker’s record breaking ‘big year’, as he travelled the world and recorded 6042 birds. To find out more about Noah’s amazing achievement and the Noah Strycker’s Big Year (NSBY) Companion Guides click here.


To learn more about the two Mystery Thrillers and to see some reader reviews, click here. For more about Charles R Stubbs in his role as author of novels, click here.

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