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For every ATWB eBook title that is in its second or subsequent annual edition, you can view how changes to the IOC bird list have impacted on the contents of the eBook since it was first published. The most recent version of the IOC bird list to be incorporated into ATWB eBooks is Version 11.2 published July 10 2021. Changes arising from this version are reflected in the 2022 series of ATWB Companion Guides published from August 2021 onwards.

In June 2019 the IOC published Version 9.2 of the bird list. Among other changes, in v 9.2 the sequence of Non-Passerine orders was radically altered. A summary of the new sequence (which is reflected in 2020 and later editions of ATWB Companion Guides) can be viewed here.

Update information is available for the following titles:


ATWB SERIES  +++ All the World’s Birds 20XX: A Companion Guide – PART-BY-PART

PART ONE: Ostriches to Hummingbirds     Updates

PART TWO: Turacos to Flamingos     Updates

PART THREE: Buttonquail to Hoatzin     Updates

PART FOUR: New World Vultures to Bee-eaters     Updates

PART FIVE: Jacamars to Old World Parrots     Updates

PART SIX: New Zealand Wrens to Tyrant Flycatchers, Calyptura     Updates

PART SEVEN: Cotingas to Whistlers & Allies     Updates

PART EIGHT: Shrikes to Bulbuls     Updates

PART NINE: Swallows, Martins to Laughingthrushes & Allies     Updates

PART TEN: Dapple-throat & Allies to Chats, Old World Flycatchers     Updates

PART ELEVEN: Dippers to Finches, Euphonias     Updates

PART TWELVE: Longspurs, Snow Buntings to Tanagers & Allies     Updates


ATWB SERIES  +++ All the World’s Birds 20XX: A Companion Guide – WORLD REGIONS



AFRICA     Updates


OCEANS     Updates


ATWB SERIES  +++ All the World’s Birds 20XX: A Companion Guide – FOCUS ON


Focus on SOUTHERN AFRICA     Updates

Focus on INDIAN SUBCONTINENT     Updates

Focus on SOUTH-EAST ASIA     Updates

Focus on WALLACEA     Updates



Interactive Checklist GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS     Updates

Interactive Checklist NAMIBIA     Updates

Interactive Checklist BOTSWANA     Updates

Interactive Checklist ZIMBABWE     Updates

Interactive Checklist NEPAL     Updates

Interactive Checklist SRI LANKA     Updates

Interactive Checklist CAMBODIA     Updates

Interactive Checklist ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS     Updates

Interactive Checklist PENINSULAR MALAYSIA     Updates

Interactive Checklist SULAWESI     Updates

Interactive Checklist MOLUCCAS     Updates

Interactive Checklist NUSA TENGGARA     Updates

Former Interactive Checklists AMAZONIAN ECUADOR, ANDEAN ECUADOR, WESTERN LOWLAND ECUADOR have been incorporated into Country Guide ECUADOR (see below).

Former Interactive Checklists AMAZONIAN PERU, ANDEAN PERU, WESTERN LOWLAND PERU have been incorporated into Country Guide PERU (see below).

Former Interactive Checklists NORTH CENTRAL INDIA, NORTH-EAST INDIA, SOUTH-WEST INDIA have been incorporated into Country Guide INDIA (see below).

Former Interactive Checklist NON-PENINSULAR MYANMAR has been incorporated into Country Guide MYANMAR (see below).


ATWB SERIES  +++ All the World’s Birds 20XX: COUNTRY GUIDES

Country Guide ECUADOR     Updates

Country Guide PERU     Updates

Country Guide COLOMBIA     Updates

Country Guide SOUTH AFRICA     Updates

Country Guide INDIA     Updates

Country Guide MYANMAR     Updates

Country Guide VIETNAM     Updates

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