On this page you can view how changes to the IOC bird list have impacted on the contents of this ATWB eBook since its first annual edition.

2019 edition -> 2020 edition     IOC bird list v 8.2 -> IOC bird list v 9.2

Non-Passerine Orders have been resequenced.

The following families have been moved from elsewhere to Part 1 of the IOC birdlist:

Family: Podargidae – Frogmouths from Part 4

Family: Steatornithidae – Oilbird from Part 4

Family: Nyctibiidae – Potoos from Part 4

Family: Caprimulgidae – Nightjars from Part 4

Family: Aegothelidae – Owlet-nightjars from Part 4

Family: Hemiprocnidae – Treeswifts from Part 4

Family: Apodidae – Swifts from Part 4

Family: Trochilidae – Hummingbirds from Part 4


The following families have been moved from Part 1 to elsewhere in the IOC birdlist:

Family: Podicipedidae – Grebes to Part 2

Family: Phoenicopteridae – Flamingos to Part 2

Family: Phaethontidae – Tropicbirds to Part 3

Family: Gaviidae – Loons to Part 3

Family: Spheniscidae – Penguins to Part 3

Family: Oceanitidae – Austral Storm Petrels to Part 3

Family: Diomedeidae – Albatrosses to Part 3

Family: Hydrobatidae – Northern Storm Petrels to Part 3

Family: Procellariidae – Petrels, Shearwaters, Diving Petrels to Part 3

Family: Ciconiidae – Storks to Part 3

Family: Fregatidae – Frigatebirds to Part 3

Family: Sulidae – Gannets, Boobies to Part 3

Family: Phalacrocoracidae – Cormorants, Shags to Part 3

Family: Anhingidae – Anhingas, Darters to Part 3

Family: Threskiornithidae – Ibises, Spoonbills to Part 3

Family: Ardeidae – Herons, Bitterns to Part 3

Family: Scopidae – Hamerkop to Part 3

Family: Balaenicipitidae – Shoebill to Part 3

Family: Pelecanidae – Pelicans to Part 3


The following families have modified English names:

Family: Phasianidae – Pheasants & Allies

Family: Anatidae – Ducks, Geese, Swans


007/0045    Chaco Nothura    Nothura chacoensis    (nw Paraguay)

has been lumped with and is now represented by a subspecies of:

007/0044    Spotted Nothura    Nothura maculosa


042/021T    Stejneger’s Scoter    Melanitta stejnegeri

has been split from:

042/0219    White-winged Scoter    Melanitta deglandi


327/240F    Short-tailed Frogmouth    (Sumatra)

has a new English name:

327/240F    Sumatran Frogmouth    Batrachostomus poliolophus


351/2577    Schouteden’s Swift    Schoutedenapus schoutedeni

is now considered to be a dark form of subspecies chapini of:

351/2576    Scarce Swift    Schoutedenapus myoptilus


351/260E    Malagasy Palm Swift    Cypsiurus gracilis

(Madagascar, Comoros, Mayotte)

has been split from:

351/2606    African Palm Swift    Cypsiurus parvus


355/266T    Dry-forest Sabrewing    Campylopterus calcirupicola    (ec Brazil)

is a newly described species


355/2807    White-tailed Hillstar    Urochroa bougueri

has been split into two species:

355/2807    Rufous-gaped Hillstar    Urochroa bougueri

(wc, sw Colombia, nc Ecuador)

355/280E    Green-backed Hillstar    Urochroa leucura

(sw Colombia, Ecuador, nc Peru)


355/281E    Green-headed Hillstar    Oreotrochilus stolzmanni

(c, nc Peru, se Ecuador)

has been split from:

355/2814    Andean Hillstar    Oreotrochilus estella


355/281P    Blue-throated Hillstar    Oreotrochilus cyanolaemus    (sc Ecuador)

is  a newly described species


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2018 edition -> 2019 edition     IOC bird list v 7.3 -> IOC bird list v 8.2

The following families have modified English names:

Family: Casuariidae – Cassowaries, Emu

Family: Cracidae – Chachalacas, Curassows, Guans

Family: Procellariidae – Petrels, Shearwaters, Diving Petrels


42/0143    Raja Shelduck

has been ascribed to a new genus and has a new scientific name:

Radjah radjah


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