On this page you can view how changes to the IOC bird list have impacted on the contents of this ATWB eBook since its first annual edition.

2020 edition -> 2021 edition     IOC bird list v 9.2 -> IOC bird list v 10.2

427/3323    Curl-crested Aracari

has had its species epithet amended. Its scientific name is now:

Pteroglossus beauharnaisii


444/3444    Tawny Piculet    Picumnus fulvescens

is now considered to be a plumage variant of monotypic species:

444/3443    Ochraceous Piculet    Picumnus limae    (e Brazil)


Genera Campethera and Geocolaptes (Ground Woodpecker) within Family: Picidae – Woodpeckers have been revised and resequenced.

The following species have been ascribed to a new genus:

444/3488    Buff-spotted Woodpecker    Pardipicus nivosus

444/3489    Brown-eared Woodpecker    Pardipicus caroli


444/348T    Fine-banded Woodpecker    Campethera taeniolaema

(northern ec Africa)

has been split from:

444/3487    Tullberg’s Woodpecker    Campethera tullbergi

(Bioko Island, wc Cameroon, se Nigeria)


444/359F    Olive-backed Woodpecker    Gecinulus rafflesii

has been ascribed to a different genus and has a new scientific name.


The folllowing species have been ascribed to a new genus:

458/3699    Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo    Zanda funerea

458/369F    Baudin’s Black Cockatoo    Zanda baudinii

458/369Y    Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo    Zanda latirostris


Genus Forpus of Parrotlets within Family: Psittacidae – African & New World Parrots has been resequenced.


Genus Ara of Macaws within Family: Psittacidae – African & New World Parrots has been resequenced.


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2019 edition -> 2020 edition     IOC bird list v 8.2 -> IOC bird list v 9.2

Non-Passerine Orders have been resequenced.

The following family has been moved from Part 2 to Part 5 of the IOC birdlist:

Family: Cariamidae – Seriemas


450/3683    Barbary Falcon    Falco pelegrinoides

(Canary Islands, nw, ne Africa, sw ASIA)

has been lumped with and is now represented by two subspecies of:

450/3682    Peregrine Falcon    Falco peregrinus


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2018 edition -> 2019 edition     IOC bird list v 7.3 -> IOC bird list v 8.2

444/3512    Brown-fronted Woodpecker    Dendrocoptes auriceps

The eastwards extension of this species’ range is now restricted to c Nepal (formerly the species was locally present in e Nepal). Hence in the Asia region list, this species’ range has been amended to:

(nw, nc fringes of Indian Subcontinent)


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