On this page you can view how changes to the IOC bird list have impacted on the contents of this ATWB eBook since its first annual edition.

2020 edition -> 2021 edition     IOC bird list v 9.2 -> IOC bird list v 10.2

Family: Cathartidae – New World Vultures has been resequenced.


Genus Megascops of Screech Owls in Family: Strigidae – Owls has been revised and resequenced.


323/2271    Puerto Rican Screech Owl

has been ascribed to a new genus and has a new English name:

323/2271    Puerto Rican Owl    Gymnasio nudipes


323/229T    Maghreb Owl    Strix mauritanica    (nw Africa)

has been split from:

323/229Y    Tawny Owl    Strix aluco


323/232E    Sunda Owlet    Glaucidium sylvaticum

(nw Sumatra, c, nc Borneo)

has been split from:

323/2321    Collared Owlet    Glaucidium brodiei


Genus Chloroceryle of American Kingfishers in Family: Alcedinidae – Kingfishers has been resequenced.


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2019 edition -> 2020 edition     IOC bird list v 8.2 -> IOC bird list v 9.2

Non-Passerine Orders have been resequenced.

The following families have been moved from elsewhere to Part 4 of the IOC birdlist:

Family: Cathartidae – New World Vultures from Part 2

Family: Sagittariidae – Secretarybird from Part 2

Family: Pandionidae – Ospreys from Part 2

Family: Accipitridae – Kites, Hawks, Eagles from Part 2

Family: Tytonidae – Barn Owls from Part 3

Family: Strigidae – Owls from Part 3

The following families have been moved from Part 4 to elsewhere in the IOC birdlist:

Family: Podargidae – Frogmouths to Part 1

Family: Steatornithidae – Oilbird to Part 1

Family: Nyctibiidae – Potoos to Part 1

Family: Caprimulgidae – Nightjars to Part 1

Family: Aegothelidae – Owlet-nightjars to Part 1

Family: Hemiprocnidae – Treeswifts to Part 1

Family: Apodidae – Swifts to Part 1

Family: Trochilidae – Hummingbirds to Part 1


323/2359    Southern Boobook    Ninox boobook

has been split into four species:

323/2359    Australian Boobook    Ninox boobook

323/23F0    Rote Boobook    Ninox rotiensis    (Rote: Lesser Sundas)

323/23F1    Timor Boobook    Ninox fusca    (Timor: Lesser Sundas)

323/23F2    Alor Boobook    Ninox plesseni    (Alor: Lesser Sundas)


323/2372    Hantu Boobook    Ninox squamipila

has been split into two species:

323/2372    Seram Boobook    Ninox squamipila    (Seram: se Moluccas)

323/237E    Buru Boobook    Ninox hantu    (Buru: sw Moluccas)


371/298E    Indochinese Roller    Coracias affinis

has been split from:

371/2981    Indian Roller    Coracias benghalensis


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2018 edition -> 2019 edition     IOC bird list v 7.3 -> IOC bird list v 8.2

339/2495    Ruwenzori Nightjar    Caprimulgus ruwenzorii

(c Africa)

has been lumped with and is now represented by three subspecies of:

339/2494    Montane Nightjar    Caprimulgus poliocephalus

(ne, c Africa, s Arabian Peninsula)


355/2804    Admirable Hummingbird    (Costa Rica, w Panama)

has a new English name:

355/2804    Talamanca Hummingbird    Eugenes spectabilis


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