Interactive Checklist PHILIPPINES Updates

On this page you can view how changes to the IOC bird list have impacted on the contents of this ATWB eBook since its first annual edition.

The contents of this eBook have been incorporated into a compendium eBook. For the impact of IOC bird list updates from 2021 edition onwards, click here.

2022 edition -> 2023 edition     IOC bird list v 11.2 -> IOC bird list v 12.2

The following species has been ascribed to a new genus:

201/1230    Calayan Rail    Aptenorallus calayanensis


162/0902    Western Osprey

has a new English name:

162/0902    Osprey    Pandion haliaetus


Each of the following species, formerly named as a Hawk-Owl, has been renamed as a Boobook:

323/235Y    Brown Boobook    Ninox scutulata

323/2365    Luzon Boobook    Ninox philippensis

323/2366    Mindanao Boobook    Ninox spilocephala

323/236F    Camiguin Boobook    Ninox leventisi

323/236Y    Sulu Boobook    Ninox reyi

323/2369    Cebu Boobook    Ninox rumseyi

323/2368    Romblon Boobook    Ninox spilonotus

323/2367    Mindoro Boobook    Ninox mindorensis


379/302E    Brown-breasted Kingfisher    Halcyon gularis    (Philippines)

has been split from:

379/3023    White-throated Kingfisher    Halcyon smyrnensis


391/313T    Rufous-crowned Bee-eater    Merops americanus    (Philippines)

has been split from:

391/3135    Blue-throated Bee-eater    Merops viridis


Four subspecies of:

467/3894    Blue-backed Parrot

have been split to form a new species with the same English name:

467/389K    Blue-backed Parrot    Tanygnathus everetti    (Philippines)


Family: Oriolidae – Figbirds, Old World Orioles, Piopios has a new English name.


Family: Phylloscopidae – Leaf Warblers has a modified English name.


Family: Sturnidae – Starlings, Rhabdornises has a modified English name.


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