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On this page you can view how changes to the IOC bird list have impacted on the contents of this ATWB eBook since its first annual edition.

2022 edition -> 2023 edition     IOC bird list v 11.2 -> IOC bird list v 12.2

042/0143    Raja Shelduck

has a new English name:

042/0143    Radjah Shelduck    Radjah radjah


162/0903    Eastern Osprey    Pandion cristatus

has been lumped with and is now represented by a subspecies of:

162/0902    Western Osprey

which has a new English name:

162/0902    Osprey    Pandion haliaetus


323/235T    Tasmanian Boobook    Ninox leucopsis    (Tasmania)

has been split from:

323/235F    Morepork    Ninox novaeseelandiae

(New Zealand, Norfolk Island)


548/5290    Black Honeyeater

has had its species epithet amended. Its scientific name is now:

Sugomel nigrum


Family: Oriolidae – Figbirds, Old World Orioles, Piopios has a new English name.


Family: Sturnidae – Starlings, Rhabdornises has a modified English name.


937/8822    Zebra Finch

has been split into two species. The species regularly present in Australia is:

937/882E    Australian Zebra Finch    Taeniopygia castanotis    (Australia)


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