On this page you can view how changes to the IOC bird list have impacted on the contents of this ATWB eBook since its first annual edition.

2019 edition -> 2020 edition     IOC bird list v 8.2 -> IOC bird list v 9.2

The following families have modified English names:

Family: Vireonidae – Vireos, Greenlets, Shrike-babblers

Family: Icteridae – Oropendolas, Orioles, Blackbirds

Family: Cardinalidae – Cardinals & Allies

Family: Thraupidae – Tanagers & Allies


664/593T    Chivi Vireo    Vireo chivi

has been split from:

664/593F    Red-eyed Vireo    Vireo olivaceus


868/7677    Rufous-naped Wren    (Veracruz, n Oaxaca: ec Mexico)

has a new English name:

868/7677    Veracruz Wren    Campylorhynchus rufinucha


872/7752    Long-billed Gnatwren

has been split into two species:

872/7752    Trilling Gnatwren    Ramphocaenus melanurus

872/775E    Chattering Gnatwren    Ramphocaenus sticturus

(ec Peru, nw Mato Grosso: sc Brazil)


872/775P    Yucatan Gnatcatcher    Polioptila albiventris

(n Yucatán Peninsula)

has been split from:

872/7757    White-lored Gnatcatcher    Polioptila albiloris


900/808P    Campina Thrush    Turdus arthuri    (nc, c Amazonia)


900/808T    Pantepui Thrush    Turdus murinus    (s Venezuela, wc Guyana)

have been split from:

900/8085    Black-billed Thrush    Turdus ignobilis


985/9598    Cherrie’s Tanager    Ramphocelus costaricensis

(w Costa Rica, sw Panama)

has been lumped with and is now represented by a subspecies of Passerini’s Tanager, which has a new English name:

985/9597    Scarlet-rumped Tanager    Ramphocelus passerinii


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