On this page you can view how changes to the IOC bird list have impacted on the contents of this ATWB eBook since its first annual edition.


2018 edition -> 2019 edition     IOC bird list v 7.3 -> IOC bird list v 8.2

The following families have a modified English name:

Family: Procellariidae – Petrels, Shearwaters, Diving Petrels

Family: Oriolidae – Figbirds, Orioles & Turnagra

Family: Leiothrichidae – Laughingthrushes and Allies

Family: Fringillidae – Finches, Euphonias


The subspecies of the following two species of Shrike have been reassessed:

660/5898    Great Grey Shrike    Lanius excubitor

660/5899    Southern Grey Shrike    Lanius meridionalis

The birds that are resident in the Canary Islands, nw Africa, locally n Libya, nc Egypt and s ME, and earlier thought to be subspecies of Southern Grey Shrike, have now been identified as being subspecies of Great Grey Shrike. Also as part of this review, Lanius meridionalis has a new English name:

660/5899    Iberian Grey Shrike    (s France, Iberian Peninsula; winters nw Africa)


The Eurasian Magpie Pica pica species complex in family Corvidae – Crows, Jays has been revised. As part of this revision, the birds that are resident in north-west Africa have been split to a newly defined species:

684/62F0    Maghreb Magpie    Pica mauritanica


Family Phylloscopidae – Leaf Warblers and Allies has been re-defined and re-sequenced.


Family Locustellidae – Grassbirds and Allies has been re-defined and re-sequenced.


The families in Part 12 of the IOC bird list have been re-defined and re-sequenced. The 18 Emberiza species regularly present in the Western Palearctic world region have been assigned to the re-defined family Emberizidae – Buntings.


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