PART-BY-PART Companion Guides have a number of important features, including:

– A complete taxonomic listing of bird species

– An indication of where in the world each bird family and species can be found in its native state

– Region lists, with indications of restricted ranges within regions

– Spotlighted species that have a restricted worldwide range


The key feature of all ATWB eBooks is the way you can quickly and simply access relevant, up to date online information about every featured bird species. If your reading device is connected to the internet, a single click will take you to a search results page for a species, from where you can continue to search for additional information to whatever level of detail you desire.


Within each PART-BY-PART Companion Guide you will find the following sections:

REGION LISTS – check which species occur regularly within each world region

COMPLETE LIST – taxonomic details, showing each species’ order, family, genus and scientific name

SPOTLIGHTED BIRDS – country and local endemics, plus selected regional endemics

QUICK REFERENCE – follow the links to find birds based on their common English names
























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