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Retribution (Travis #WebOfDeceit mystery thrillers)

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What can happen when an ordinary member of the public’s mobile phone is hacked?

A student has been murdered in North Wales and the press are hounding her landlord, Gareth Evans. Peter Gray, a reporter, sent up from London to cover the story, tries to protect his ex-colleague Gareth, but becomes embroiled in a murderous plot.

Craig Fletcher, a drugs runner, wants retribution. He plans to torture and kill James Ryan, the man he believes tried to have him killed six years ago and who is now running his former drugs empire in the north-east of England. Fletcher’s plot involves the abduction and murder of IT worker Travis Williams, whose disfigured body in a burnt out car will keep James Ryan’s men off the scent while Fletcher exacts his revenge.

But in its bid to be first with a ‘new angle’ on the murdered student case, a tabloid paper conflates the two stories and the result is confusion and chaos. As the body count rises and the journalists, the local police and Travis’s acquaintances, Nick Parker and Ann Butler, try to work out what is really happening, the race is on to find the location where innocent people are being held before more deaths are added to the list.

Their intense experience over three long days drives many involved to question some deeply held assumptions and re-examine their consciences. Ultimately, in various different ways, nearly everyone caught up in the media frenzy becomes a victim of press intrusion and phone hacking.

Click here for a selection of reviews by readers of ‘Retribution’

Buy this Kindle eBook now from Amazon!   ‘Retribution’ eBook 

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