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Web of Deceit


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Thoroughly enjoyable, well spun yarn It’s difficult to find mystery/ murder novels these days with a real difference. Charles Stubbs has provided one here. It’s a gem.  Essgee – Amazon UK Customer Review

Below is a selection of reviews written by readers of ‘Web of Deceit’.


Original, thrilling and atmospheric This is a wonderful and totally original thriller, with the setting in a time when the world wide web was an unknown quantity to all but a select few. Fast paced throughout with characters explained so well you feel you know them. For those not knowing the landscape and areas of North Wales, it must leave a deep longing to visit. For those of us that indeed know and love North Wales, it is evocative of the towns and villages so accurately and beautifully described … I completed the book in two days and thoroughly enjoyed it. V. Pritchard – Amazon UK Customer Review

Retro Thriller with a Twist… “Web of Deceit combines a number of interesting themes in what gradually builds into a story that I found increasingly difficult to put down. The story reminded me of finding other exciting thriller writers for the first time, and Robert Ludlum immediately springs to mind. In Web of Deceit Stubbs displays an intimate knowledge and rich portrayal of the key locations… and he leads us through a story of murder, intrigue and technological change. Read it, and put your name down now for your advance copy of the planned sequel…” James Rock – Amazon US Customer Review

Excellent and Surprising Mystery “In many ways, Web of Deceit reminds me of mysteries such as ‘And Then There Were None’ by Agatha Christie, where you follow the trail of several characters as they eventually cross for better or worse… The characters are very real with good qualities and flaws that anyone can sympathize with… This is one of the few books where you truly are surprised at the twists and turns. As it speeds towards the end, the reader can’t turn the pages fast enough to find out the next shocking surprise.” Amy Goebel Padgett – Amazon US Customer review

An excellent thriller with twists you don’t see coming Web of Deceit is an excellent thriller based, unusually for the genre, around the hobby of birdwatching and is set against the beautiful backdrop of coastal Wales …This is a real page-turner with characters the reader really cares about. As the story reaches its dramatic climax there are twists you never see coming. I strongly recommend those who love a good thriller to read this book.” Nick Rennie – Amazon UK Customer Review

Full of intrigue This author weaves a web of deceit for the reader to unravel. And the ending is quite a shock… it is a book exploring the nature of our new ‘truth’, a ‘truth’ sometimes provided for us by internet information. What is truth and what is lies? When are we being deceived? Intelligently written with a fine writing style this book grabs your attention from the first page to the last and is unputdownable, if one can say that of an ebook… Excellently written, fast-paced and full of suspensethat is ‘Web of Deceit’. I strongly recommend you read this wonderful book.” Florizel – Amazon UK Customer Review

A Captivating Suspense Thriller “… this tale of ‘deceit on a grand scale’ moves a complex murder plot forward like the surge and ebb of an ocean wave — depositing just enough information to leave us wanting for more… The story unfolds with intensity and fine-tuned precision… Taking place at the dawn of the Internet, it echoes a cautionary theme about the credibility of information posted on the WWW and in the media. The ending was a great surprise. Quite the shocker! I highly recommend this book.” saniko – Amazon US Customer Review

Thoroughly enjoyable, well spun yarn It’s difficult to find mystery/murder novels these days with a real difference. Charles Stubbs has provided one here. It’s a gem. [The time and setting of the novel] are as much a part of the story as the protagonists, the main one of which is Travis, a young man, beset with emotional struggles of his own, unwittingly sucked into a tightening web of confusion and danger. The pace in the novel is excellently controlled, with the various strands edging the reader along towards a well-thought ending. A great read and strongly recommended.” Essgee – Amazon UK Customer Review

A mystery that makes you think Web of Deceit is a well-told tale about a man on the run in North Wales. Right away the reader is presented with the contrary ‘facts’ plaguing the main character’s life as he tries to form a plan to prove his innocence. Then we’re off into the mystery in which many people become involved… When I reached the halfway point, I found myself wondering whether Travis was really innocent as I first thought, or if he was actually losing his mind! I won’t spoil it, but things got pretty intense from there. I was totally shocked by the ending… If you like a good, thought-provoking mystery set in a beautiful part of the world, then you will enjoy this book. J. Conrad – Amazon US Customer Review

A fast pace thriller with a Classic Feel! This story is truly powerful… I fell in love with Travis immediately. A man that keeps to himself, taking long walks, birdwatching, he is the most unlikely hero. The author has done an amazing job of proving we can all be larger than life…Charles R Stubbs is someone I put up on my shelf with James Rollins, Jeremy Robinson, and Dan Brown. His prose and dialogue were tight, and his characters were strongly developed. I can’t wait to read more!!!” Jeremy L. Johnson – Amazon US Customer Review

Great ideas. Good book. “This book has some really interesting concepts. Setting it at a time when the internet was just becoming accessible allows for a novel thriller which can’t be solved instantly CSI-style. Several themes (most notably birdwatching) flow through the story with enough exposure to please those with these specific interests, whilst not detracting from the main story at all… By the end of the book the writing quality would not be out of place in a best-seller.” D. Wilson – Amazon UK Customer Review

A classic thriller. “A really enjoyable book … I hope to read more from this first time author in the future.” N. Waugh – Amazon UK Customer Review


Buy ‘Web of Deceit’ now from Amazon!   ‘Web of Deceit’ eBook 

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