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ATWB SERIES  +++ All the World’s Birds 2019: A Companion Guide – PART-BY-PART

The PART-BY-PART series of ATWB eBooks presents information about all non-extinct bird species that appear in the IOC bird list. To view the content of these eBooks click here.

For the purpose of compiling these Companion Guides, the IOC bird list has been divided into twelve parts:


Part 1: Ostriches to Anhingas, Darters

Part 2: New World Vultures to Auks

Part 3: Sandgrouse to Owls

Part 4: Frogmouths to Hornbills

Part 5: Jacamars to Old World Parrots


Part 6: New Zealand Wrens to Tyrant Flycatchers, Calyptura

Part 7: Cotingas to Whistlers and Allies

Part 8: Shrikes to Bulbuls

Part 9: Swallows, Martins to Sylviid Babblers

Part 10: White-eyes to Chats, Old World Flycatchers

Part 11: Dippers to Finches, Euphonias

Part 12: Longspurs, Snow Buntings to Tanagers and Allies


2019 PART-BY-PART Companion Guides covering all the world’s Non-Passerine bird species have been published, as listed below.



PART ONE: Ostriches to Anhingas, Darters  912 species

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PART TWO: New World Vultures to Auks  841 species

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PART THREE: Sandgrouse to Owls  755 species

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PART FOUR: Frogmouths to Hornbills  899 species

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PART FIVE: Jacamars to Old World Parrots  890 species

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