Today – December 20 2017 – sees the formal launch of the first five parts of the All the World’s Birds series (ATWB).

Between them these five Kindle eBooks cover all 4298 Non-Passerine bird species recognized by the International Ornithological Congress (IOC). The IOC bird list is hosted on a dedicated World Bird Names website, which provides access to the list in various different formats. Until 2017 the IOC bird list was updated fairly regularly at three-monthly intervals. From 2018 onwards it will be updated twice a year. The version of the IOC bird list that is used in the 2018 versions of the ATWB guides is Version 7.3, published July 31 2017.

Gill, F & D Donsker (Eds). 2017. IOC World Bird List (v 7.3). doi :  10.14344/IOC.ML.7.3.

As a special offer, for the five days leading up to Christmas 2017, Parts 1 and 2 eBooks are available **ABSOLUTELY FREE**.

All the World's Birds 2018 PART-BY-PART: Ostriches to Anhingas, Darters          

To see all the currently available titles in the ‘All the World’s Birds’ series, search in the Books section of your local Amazon site for ATWBOr, click here to see all ATWB titles on Amazon USor here to see all ATWB titles on Amazon UK.

Each Companion Guide has a number of important features, including:

– A complete taxonomic listing of bird species

– An indication of where in the world each bird family and species can be found in its native state

– Region lists, with indications of restricted ranges within regions

– Spotlighted species that have a restricted worldwide range

However, perhaps the key feature of all eBooks in the Companion Guide series is the way you can quickly and simply access relevant, up to date online information about every featured bird species. If your reading device is connected to the internet, a single click will take you to a search results page for a species, from where you can continue to search for additional information to whatever level of detail you desire.

Within each Companion Guide Parts 1 to 5 you will find the following sections:

QUICK REFERENCE – follow the links to find birds based on their common English names

REGION LISTS – check which species occur regularly within each world region

COMPLETE LIST – taxonomic details, showing each species’ order, family, genus and scientific name

SPOTLIGHTED BIRDS – country and local endemics, plus selected regional endemics

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Happy armchair birding!


About Charles R Stubbs

Charles has earned his living by writing for more than 15 years. His first two mystery thriller novels, 'Web of Deceit' and 'Retribution', have been published as Kindle eBooks on Amazon. In addition, Charles has published more than 50 eBook birding companion guides, released under the "All the World's Birds" title - search ATWB in Amazon Books. Previously a senior executive in the UK telecommunications industry, since 2001 Charles has crafted sales and marketing literature for major organisations – some of them household names – enabling them to improve their business performance.

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