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ATWB SERIES  +++ All the World’s Birds 20XX: A Companion Guide – WORLD REGIONS

The WORLD REGIONS series of ATWB eBooks presents information about all non-extinct bird species that appear in the IOC bird list. To view the structure and generic content of these eBooks click here.

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ATWB Online enables you to browse the content of ATWB guides. To access the ATWB Online portal click here. Be sure to read the INTRODUCTION to ATWB Online before browsing for the first time. It explains how the content that is presented online differs in its FUNCTIONALITY from a Kindle eBook.


For the purpose of compiling these Companion Guides, the world has been divided into ten World Regions:

SA/MA – South America/Middle America
NA – North America and Caribbean
WP – Western Palearctic
AF – Africa
ASIA – Middle East to Eastern/South-eastern Asia
(to the south and east of Western Palearctic)
AUS – Australasia
SO/ANT – Southern Ocean/Antarctica
PO – Pacific Ocean (north/east of Australasia)
AO – Atlantic Ocean (north/east of Caribbean)
IO – Indian Ocean (west of Australasia)


2023 WORLD REGIONS Companion Guides covering all of these World Regions have been published, as listed below.


You can buy all seven titles with one click here:     Amazon US     Amazon UK


For each title that includes material that is in its second or subsequent annual edition, click on the “Updates” link to see how changes to the IOC bird list have impacted on the contents of the eBook.




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NORTH AMERICA  946 species

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AFRICA  2355 species

Amazon US     Amazon UK       Updates





ASIA  2704 species

Amazon US     Amazon UK       Updates





AUSTRALASIA  2018 species

Amazon US     Amazon UK       Updates





OCEANS  706 species

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